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    WELLINGTON, AUCKLAND, CHRISTCHURCH - General / All Rounder Spirits Fundamentals

    Learn the basics of the major spirit categories, their production, different styles and how to serve them. Perfect for new hospitality professionals, or those looking to brush up on the fundamentals.

    WELLINGTON, AUCKLAND, CHRISTCHURCH - General / All Rounder Ananas Fundamentals

    The foundation knowledge to start your career in hospitality - anywhere in the world. Contains our seven fundamental courses packaged in to one certificate. Covering the key areas of Hospitality; service, spirits, wine, beer and cocktails.

    WELLINGTON, AUCKLAND, CHRISTCHURCH - General / All Rounder Cocktails Professional

    The origins of cocktail culture and the seven 'Cocktail Generations'. Recipes and 'How-to' videos for over 50 key classic and well-known contemporary cocktails.

    WELLINGTON, AUCKLAND, CHRISTCHURCH - General / All Rounder Whisky Professional

    Learn all about whisky. This course focuses on scotch whiskies but also covers other key whisky-making regions such as Ireland, Japan and Australia.

    AUCKLAND - General / All Rounder Creating Classic Cocktails Short Course

    Completed over the course of 3 consecutive weekday evenings, equip yourself with sound skills and knowledge needed to perfect peoples’ favourite cocktails.

    More details $300.00
    AUCKLAND, CHRISTCHURCH, TAURANGA - Barista Barista Essentials Short Course

    Completed over 8 sessions of total 24 hours, this programme will equip you with brilliant barista skills and qualifications to craft top quality coffees. Whether you want to be ready for the restaurant, or simply to impress your friends and family

    More details $495.00
    AUCKLAND, CHRISTCHURCH, TAURANGA - LCQ Licence Control Qualification Short Course

    Are your sights set on managing an establishment that serves alcohol? You’ll need a nationally-recognised LCQ qualification as part of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

    More details $300.00
    AUCKLAND - General / All Rounder Hospitality Essentials Short Course

    Taken over 4 consecutive Saturdays, this is a ‘crash course’ in all the fundamental skills needed to work in a bar, café, or restaurant.You will be taught hospitality essentials from serving food and beverages, table service, and payment – to dealing with customers in different situations and from different cultures.

    More details $395.00
    AUCKLAND - Barista Pro Barista Course

    Kick start your career with 5 days or 2 weeks of intensive Barista training. Get the skills of a Barista with 2 years experience in just 2 weeks and gain The Barista Academy certificate, job introductions and internships.

    More details $575.00
    AUCKLAND - Barista Short Barista Course

    The Barista Academy's 3h Express Class, 2h Latte Art Essentials and 2-Day Barista Bootcamp are perfect for home enthusiasts, students wanting to find barista work or entrepreneurs looking to buy a cafe.

    More details $295.00
    AUCKLAND - Barista Bartender Course

    Become a confident bartender in 3 days and learn everything you need to start working in Bars, Restaurants, Super yachts or tropical islands. High quality hands-on industry level training so work falls in your lap. The Bartender Academy is the only place to train if you’re serious about getting hired.

    More details $595.00


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