Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS FOR VENUES (Jump to FAQs for Staff)


How long is a subscription?
Subscription purchases require a commitment of 3 months.

How does payment work?
You make a quarterly payment to BARCATS via our secure provider STRIPE to gain unlimited access the database of staff as well as other community benefits. Payment is made at the start of your subscription. BARCATS also offers the option to 'pay as you go' with each job posting. We only accept payments via credit cards.

Can I pay as I go?
Sure. The rate for each job posting varies depending on the role you’re looking to fill. Check out our Plans & Pricing for more information.

How long do I access to the candidate details?
For subscribers of one of our plans, the job will be live for 30 days (you will have an option to extend for another 30 days). For venues on our PAYG plan the job will be live for 7-21 days depending on the role. You will be able to short list 5 candidates and receive contact details before making your final recruitment decision. Both Subscription and PAYG have the ability to collect these details and contact your candidates within a 30-day period after the job post has expired.

I have a large organisation with multiple venues, which subscription option do I select?
We would love to discuss this in more detail with you so that we can identify a solution that is best for your business. Please contact


Are there any placement fees?
There are no placement fees or staff contracts, venues can directly connect with staff and trial and hire staff based on what suits them.

What happens if the person wasn’t what they said in their profile?
This can be reflected in the ratings that you can give staff and you can also contact BARCATS directly via

Can I cancel staff once they’ve accepted the job? How much notice do I have to give?
You may cancel staff providing you give them 4 hours notice from the first shift start time. This may affect your rating, so it is your responsibility to communicate with the staff member.

What happens if I post a last-minute ROCKSTAR job and don’t receive any applicants?
We pride ourselves on customers satisfaction – that’s why if you post a ROCKSTAR job with a minimum of 4hrs notice before the shift starts and don’t receive a single applicant. We’ll give you your money back.

I need more staff and the event/shift is starting in 1 day/1 hour.
Post a ROCKSTAR job. The BARCATS staff database is filled with keen workers who updated their profile to be available for last-minute jobs. Additionally, you have the option to search for available staff in your area and instantly SMS them to apply for your job.

I need staff to stay longer than I booked them for.
Terms of the shift are discussed between the employer and employee. BARCATS members are well aware of how circumstances may change in the hospitality industry.

Who is liable if something goes wrong during the shift?
The venue is responsible for all staff.


What happens when I register?
Initially venues can register for free, once you have registered you need to select a PAYG plan or subscription package depending on how many jobs you’re wanting to post.

Can I save and access my legacy ads?
Yes, simply login to your venue profile and view ‘Completed Jobs’ or ‘Expired Jobs’. You can copy, edit and repost jobs to save you time.

What happens with pay, tax, on-boarding, leave and loading etc.?
The venue is responsible.

How does the rating system work?
The star rating system is designed to support the industry and encourage high service levels. As well as maintaining BARCATS high quality of staff. Upon shift completion, an email will be sent to both parties for rating and feedback. This will continue to evolve and be updated over time.
The venue to staff rating is based on:
• Did the staff member show up?
• Were their skills true to their profile?
• Were they dressed correctly?
• Would you hire them again?


Can I cancel a job at any time?
Yes. To cancel a job, find the posting within your profile and select ‘Cancel Job’. This will then remove the job from the community.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Contact BARCATS at before the end of your quarterly package and we will remove your details with no added costs. You will still have full access to your jobs until the end of your current quarter.

What is the refunds policy?
Subscriptions may be cancelled with 21 days notice prior to the next quarter commencement in order to avoid auto-renewal for the following quarter. In the event that the quarter has commenced, no refund will be allowed, however you will still have access to the full BARCATS community and service until the end of your current cycle. There are no additional costs to cancel a subscription.
The Pay As You Go ad option is non-refundable. Should you wish to cancel your account, please contact


What are my obligations once I have hired a candidate?
You will accept full responsibility for the well-being, safety and security of the hired staff member during the agreed engagement period.

What rates do I pay?
Venues must pay the relevant Award Rates (as outlined by state/federal law) or applicable remuneration as set under an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. This also includes relevant superannuation, taxes and leave loading in required.

Do I have to pay anything else?
No, there are no additional costs or staff contract fees.

When do I pay?
With a short engagement, or one-off shift, you will agree to pay candidates within seven (7) working days of shift completion. In the event of ongoing employment, you accept full responsibility for the appropriate, lawful and relevant remuneration.

* Should you require any further information in relation to Award Rates please refer to your relevant state/federal body.

FAQS FOR STAFF (Jump to FAQs for Venues)


How much does it cost to use BARCATS to find a job?
Nothing! It’s totally free for staff to register and access the community.

Can I register if I don’t have any experience?
Absolutely – our community site gives you access to everything you need to join the hospitality industry. Certain roles will require qualifications and if you’re looking to upskill head to our training page where we have courses that can help you.

What if I don’t have the right uniform?
BARCATS encourages staff to make sure they have the minimal requirements needed to fulfil a hospitality role (blacks/whites with closed shoes).

How much do I get paid?
Each role will be posted with an hourly rate and you should clarify directly with the hiring venue before you start your first shift.

How do I get paid?
All venues are required to pay all staff within 7 days via your bank account. Please bring your bank details to each job. BARCATS members are required to have an New Zealand bank account in order to be paid.

Can I withdraw from a job after I’ve accepted it?
You can withdraw from a job provided you have given the venue/employer 4 hours notice from the start time, however it may impact your overall rating.

What if I have an emergency and I have to cancel a shift in less than 4 hours?
We understand that sometimes things can happen. Your overall rating may be affected; however, it is your responsibility to resolve such issues directly with the employer.

What happens if I don’t show up to a few shifts?
We want to have the best community possible, filled with superstars. If you regularly don’t show up for shifts you have accepted, you might be removed from the community.

My role changed when I arrived at/during the shift. What do I do?
Ultimate responsibility for roles sits within the venue, and all staff will be able to rate venues post experience.

I was asked to work longer hours than what I agreed to?
All hours and conditions of work are agreed upon between the venue and yourself as an employee.

How do I clock in for the shift?
Ensure that both yourself and the contact manager document your hours properly and that you report to the manager/point of contact upon arrival. Each case may vary depending on the venue.

Who should I contact when I arrive?
Details of the point of contact will be listed in the job posting.


How do I rate the venue?
Upon shift completion, an email will be sent to both parties for rating and feedback.

How does the rating system work?
Staff are asked 4 question each rated to equal a maximum 5-star rating. The staff will rate the venue rating is based on:
• Was there someone there to greet you?
• Was there someone there to tell you what to do?
• Did the venue agree to pay you within 7 days?
• Would you work for the venue again?

I’m not happy with how the shift went and would like to make a complaint.
This may be reflected in your post-shift rating for the employer. You can also contact


  • All BARCATS members must have the right to work in New Zealand.
  • Spoken languages and level of fluency will be outlined in your personal profile.
  • BARCATS encourages people of all ages (over 15+), providing they are legally qualified and certified to work the job.
  • All BARCATS staff must have a New Zealand phone number to apply for ROCKSTAR jobs.

Should you have any further queries or requests, that aren't covered here, please let us know. We would love to hear from you at