42BELOW - One Week To Go

Feb 01, 2019


42BELOW - One Week To Go

For the past two months, 42 bartenders across Australia and NZ have been imploring their patrons, mates, colleagues and mums to vote for their tipple as part of 42BELOW’s Sustainable Cocktail Showcase.

In return voters were rewarded with a little feeling, deep inside their heart, that they’d done something good by rallying behind a cocktail which just wants the world to survive. In one week’s time, on 31 January, voting in the Showcase will close, extinguishing the chance to secure this little feeling. Our army of fancy number crunchers then count up the votes to name the four winners on February 8, so mark it in your recycled paper calendar and await with bated breath.

On February 8, two Aussies and two Kiwis will win the chance to travel to Bali on the eco-trip of a lifetime, and forever enjoy the little feeling, deep inside their hearts, that comes with making the world a better place. Voting in the Sustainable Cocktail Showcase has been fierce, with hospo heroes on both sides of the ditch campaigning to win the Showcase with their fancy drinks. These fancy drinks ensure our lovely lil’ Earth keeps spinning a few years more, that turtles can swim without fear of swallowing a straw or three, and that yes, you can have nice things which taste good without ruining our oceans.

All things said and done, consumers and bartenders alike can still vote for their favourite cocktails via the 42BELOW Facebook or Instagram pages. There’s some Norton Point sunnies made from upcycled ocean trash up for grabs, meaning you can secure that little feeling, deep inside your heart, AND make your face look great. Win/win.

The 42BELOW Sustainable Cocktail Showcase aims to promote and celebrate the great work that awesome bartenders are doing to create cocktails which are both sustainable and yum. Gross old humans are churning out so much trash on the reg that an island of trash 5 times the size of NZ has accumulated in the Pacific. That’s not cool. In fact it sucks. And 42BELOW wants to help ensure #thefuturedoesntsuck.